“G” Heat Exchanger Module

The GRE “G” unit is a self contained, compact, atmospheric gas fired heat exchanger module incorporating a clam type construction folded and welded heat exchanger with aluzinc casing, and air tight compartment for the burner.

Air for combustion is induced through the burner bars from underneath for good even air supply to the flame with good flame stability. The same fan unit draws the products of combustion from the top of the heat exchanger for discharge through a collar outlet. The burner compartment is completely ‘room sealed” and makes the “G” unit ideal for mounting within Air Handling systems. All access for burner controls and maintenance is from the side thus enabling the primary air side to be completely sealed from the module compartment within an Air Handling Section.

Seven frame sizes with variations in gas burner rates and fans gives a total of Fifteen output rated units with maximum heat outputs ranging from 16kW to 107kW full fire.

The “E” unit provides a fully automatic electronic ignition pilot with ionisation flame monitoring for completely safe operation.

The “D” unit ignites the burner directly with ionisation flame monitoring for completely safe operation.

Heat exchangerAisi409 Stainless steel
BurnerAisi321 Stainless steel
CasingAiuZinc natural finish

Example specification

A module with a maximum rated output of 52 kW with fan assisted flue and ducted combustion air with top inlet & outlet and electronic ignition with ionisation flame monitoring.

GTTop flue & air duct connections
GRRear flue & air duct connections
E/DElectronic Pilot Ignition/Direct Spark Ignition
EKAluZinc natural finish easing

Specification GT E 55 EK Further options include high/low-2 stage gas control, fully modulating gas control with a 0-10V signal and Pulse combustion control with a loose duct sensor and controller. Aisi321 quality stainless steel heat exchangers are also available.

All GRE Units have CE approval, are built to BS5750 & IS09002 quality assurance standards and comply with all European Standards to CE-E4920.


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