The Mark G+ MODULE

Heat is generated via a modulating premix-burner which results in very low gas consumption. When a G+ MODULE is used as an after-heating module, the device will be in part-load operation most of the time. This automatically leads to the highest efficiency.

Compared with a hot water coil, the G+ has the advantage that there is no need to provide an additional boiler. No hot water piping from and to the unit and therefore no pipe line losses. In case of an outside version no water pipe insulation is required.

The combustion chamber and the heat exchanger are made of Inox 441. The premix gas burner guarantees the absence of carbon monoxide and an NOx emission lower than 50 parts per million.

The electronic board that controls the burner, continuously modulates the thermic input between the minimum and the maximum inputs, based on the preset parameters of regulation and measured by the regulation system of the Air Handling Unit.

Product features

  • Efficiency >106%
  • Modulation range 4:1/7:1
  • Closed design
  • Electronic ignition of the main burner
  • Control: modulating
  • Module suitable for installation in an air handling unit
  • Low NOx
  • Advanced modulating burner technology
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber & heat exchanger
Heat Exchangers

Control options

In combination with an INTERFACE+ the electronic board is equipped with a 0-10 vdc input. An INTERFACE+ can be used in two ways.

Power control

An externally supplied 0-10VDC signal is converted into a power control of the burner. With an Interface+ module, one G+ can be controlled.
Potential free entry: Reset
Potential free exits: Malfunction Operation

Connection BMS (building management system)

Settings, actual temperatures and fault codes can be read using Modbus. Settings of the OptiTherm+ can be modified.