Garfield Richards Engineering provide a complete service from supply to install with pipework services. We specialise in industrial and commercial applications with full turn-key projects.
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We provide the following:

  • Steel tanks for diesel, biodiesel, lubricating oil, waste oil, cutting oils, chemicals and highly flammable liquids
  • Polyethylene tanks for domestic heating oil
  • Stainless steel tanks for potable water, edible oils, foodstuffs and corrosive chemicals

Garfield Richards Engineering Co provide heat exchanger modules, parts and support to air handling companies throughout Europe.

Follow the links through the site for more information, or contact us if you require any assistance. The duty rating calculator facility may be useful for selecting the most applicable model.

The three models below are from our standard range of heat exchanges and can be supplied in a variety of configurations, including types of flue, kilowatt rating and air throughput.

GRE Model GT

The GT is configured with a top mounted flue, has Alu-Zinc casing and a duty rating up to 107kW.

Technical Specifications
Air Flow Diagrams
CE Approved


GRE Model GR

The GR model has rear mounted flue connections and also has a duty rating up to 107kW.

Technical Specifications
Air Flow Diagrams
CE Approved



The GTF model has a similarly high specification as the other models, however the flue fan, air and flue collars and electrical connections are all mounted on the same side for ease of installation and maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Air Flow Diagrams
CE Approved

Should you have any queries, require more information or a quotation, please contact us and we'll do what we can to assist.


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